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Ode to Kijiji

– written for ecomii blogs:

One of the common challenges to buying “green” products and services is the associated costs with better labor practices, better quality and more eco- and human friendly materials.

A true sustainable product will also have a cost reflecting a growing, but certainly not yet dominant market. It is fantastic to live in an age where consumers and corporations are starting to clue in to the fact that cutting corners and operating from a pure financial bottom line does not consider the health of people and the planet.

However, the manufacturing of more sustainable products is not an answer in itself. A greener economy does not have the power to absolve us of our overdrawn natural resource account, because it still requires a great amount of energy and virgin material to create new goods.

Enter Kijiji, an online classified website with localized ads. I have become dedicated to using this website for everything from my recently purchased “new to me” couch to collecting the necessary materials and creating the darkroom I’ve always wanted.

With every transaction I have undertaken through the website, my admiration grows for Kijiji. The user-friendly advanced searching options allows the searcher to set price ranges.

The pictures of the items for sale serve as a first glance assessment of the condition and appearance of the item, allowing the buyer to purchase high-quality goods while extending their lifespan. It is a reuse channel that, in my opinion, far surpasses the experience of a thrift or consignment store.

As a buyer, you have the opportunity to inquire about the history of the product, how many people have owned it, how it has been cared for, what sort of environment it has been in (eg. smoking, pets, etc.).

Kijiji in a small way, encourages community and face-to-face transactions. And in this time of financial market uncertainty, the one thing that we want to prevail is community. Don’t be afraid. Kijiji and other online classifieds like Craig’s List are revolutionizing the world of used goods.

Give an old couch new life today, go online and see what you can find.


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