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Green Your Home This Fall

The Windsor Park Community Association is proud to host the Green Living Series, presented by REAP and Conscious Home, and supported by the City of Calgary and Conoco Phillips.

This series has been featured on Breakfast Television, CTV and CBC Radio. Don’t miss your chance to get informed and inspired!

Each workshop will give you simple steps and resources to go green. Win a toolkit of products so you can take action immediately. There are four workshops in the series:

October 19: Going Non-Toxic
On a typical cleaning day chemical levels in the indoor air can be 100-1000x higher than the outdoor air in the most polluted cities. Learn about the major sources of poor indoor air quality and the causes of chemical sensitivities. Discover easy, cost effective, non-toxic alternatives.

October 26: Energy and Water Efficiency
Utility costs continue to rise, so we can all benefit from good conservation practices. Learn how to make your home more efficient by viewing it as a system.

November 2: Greening Your Garbage
The average Canadian household generates 120 green garbage bags of solid waste each year. Learn how to reduce waste by composting, reusing common household items, and reducing plastic. Discover why the 3Rs have become 6!

November 9: Food for Thought

We eat three times a day and often with little thought to where our food comes from. Learn the most pressing issues around food, and things to consider about organic, local and whole foods. Eating well can be easy and rewarding, and this workshop will leave you with tools to do so.

All workshops will be held at the Windsor Park Community Hall from 7-9pm. Contact lauren (at) conscioushome (dot) ca for registration information.


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