Clean Home Handbook now online

Conscious Home’s Clean Home Handbook:
How to Make Safer, Healthier Cleaners, Personal Care Products and Kids Stuff

Hard Copy $12.00
Including shipping within Canada


PDF Copy $9.00


  • over 30 recipes for household cleaners. Everything from laundry detergent to produce washes.
  • tried and tested personal care recipes including shampoos, body scrubs, lip balms, and beyond.
  • kids cleaning and crafts. DIY baby wipes, kids toothpaste, make your own non-toxic paint, and more.
  • ingredient information and where to find them.

Making your own cleaners is simple, fun, flexible and super cost-effective. 30% cheaper than conventional products and 40% less expensive than most “eco-friendly” products.

What others are saying:

Quite a Journey!
Since reading your book, “The Clean Home Handbook”, I have been on a major quest for more information. I have eliminated all of the cleaners I had and substituted with the ones suggested in your book. I was sold when I sprinkled baking soda on my stove’s removable plates followed by vinegar. It worked immediately!
-Louise M., Calgary

You know, I did a load of laundry today, after my shower, and thought back to the intense house-cleaning session that we used to do Sunday mornings, and I’m pretty amazed (and proud!) of the amount of toxicity we’ve reduced in our day-to-day lives – thanks Lauren! Almost every product that touches our skin and the surfaces in our home environment contains ingredients that I can pronounce and feel safe using. Yes, it’s true, my addiction to toxic cleaning abrasives is now a thing of the past! Thanks for the education – it’s really made a difference in our lives.
– Chantal V., Calgary


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